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Yacht trips in Dubai: Ways to organize

Dubai is not only the lights of skyscrapers and shopping. This city can offer you an unforgettable vacation at sea. Its coastline stretches for 70 kilometers, capturing several districts and neighboring emirates. Most tourists are attracted by the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is here that the world-famous and most beautiful hotels are located, for example, Burj Al Arab and Atlantis Palm. Cruise ships arrive here from all over the world. But in order to enjoy the landscape of the "Arab miracle", it is not at all necessary to take a ticket on the liner.
Yacht rental

Option №1 - rent a yacht

Choose a yacht based on the number of people who will be with you, as well as how you plan to spend your time. The yacht is suitable for walking, water sports or fishing.

Dozens of boat, yacht and boat rental companies operate in Dubai. You can get acquainted with them on the Internet and directly in the marina.

Aggregators and websites of rental companies

Photo Yachts tirena boats

With the help of aggregator sites or directly on the site, you can choose and book the vessel you like. If you choose TIRENA BOATS, you will not have to wait for the yacht to be booked, while with most companies, it will take a lot of time for phone calls and bidding from desire to booking.

TIRENA BOATS stands out for its high quality service and careful attitude towards customers. The company offers not only yachts, but also many services that you can find on the website without leaving your hotel room. Searching through the network is also more convenient because you can immediately compare ratings and reviews with other rental companies to be sure of your choice.

Berths and marinas

Photo Yachts

You can find a suitable yacht right on the spot, while walking around Dubai. In the marinas there are yachts provided by both professional boat rental companies and private lessors. The upside is that you can inspect the boat before making a decision.

Possible disadvantages - intermediary agents increase the cost of renting yachts, so it is better to choose companies that have their own fleet (such as TIRENA BOATS).


Option №2 - choose a ready-made tour from the agency

There are really many options for ready-made tours in Dubai. Local travel agencies offer morning, afternoon and even night excursions for large companies and couples, educational and show programs in Russian and English.

The most popular tours offered by most companies:

Cruise with swimming and sightseeing

Photo Yachts

The route starts from Dubai Marina, one of the largest marinas in the world. Passengers can admire the artificial island of Bluewaters, where the largest Ferris wheel in the world, the Eye of Dubai, is located.

You will have the opportunity to admire the beach and infrastructure of the Jumeirah Beach Residents (JBR) microdistrict and the Atlantis Palm resort complex, the Palm Jumeirah Island and the famous Burj Al Arab hotel. Stop and swim in the lagoon of the Persian Gulf. This tour is designed for individual groups.

Romantic walk at sunset

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This is an opportunity to see Dubai and the best sights of the emirate in the rays of the setting sun. The companies offer to sail along the beaches and lagoons on a yacht, and also organize a dinner for two.

Cruise on a yacht as part of a group of tourists

Photo Yachts

Cruise on a yacht as part of a group of tourists, with a capacity of up to thirty people. The most economical. You will be able to see all the same sights with guide commentary and, if desired, make a stop for swimming. Usually on such a tour, companies provide unlimited soft drinks, but you will have to take care of the snack yourself.


The TIRENA BOATS team offers an individual approach to the excursion

In turn, the TIRENA BOATS team offers an individual approach to the excursion. No strangers - the yacht and the crew work only for you and your companions.

You will also get acquainted with the main attractions of the emirate from the water. But in a private atmosphere, you can choose entertainment yourself - depending on your wishes, the excursion may include swimming in the open sea, fishing, riding jet skis or inflatable buns.

The TIRENA BOATS team organizes

  • Walk on board a comfortable yacht
  • Photo shoot against the backdrop of the Persian Gulf and the "pearls" of Dubai - Burj Al Arab and Atlantis Palm, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper
  • Lunch overlooking the picturesque panoramas of the coast and the Eye of Dubai (Ferris wheel)
  • Rich excursion program
  • Transfer from the hotel to the marina and back
  • Delivery of your favorite cuisine to the yacht

The minimum rental time for the tour is 4 hours. Otherwise, no restrictions! You can book a yacht for a few hours to see the sights or for the whole day to have time to swim in the open sea, have a bite to eat on board and return to port.

Ready-made tours eliminate the need to think over the route and manage the yacht yourself. You just enjoy swimming, city views and delicious food.

Decorative element

Option №3 - independent swimming

TIRENA BOATS and most companies provide yachts with captain and crew only. Therefore, you can only rent a small sailing boat, with an experienced staff, and this method is suitable for yachtsmen with experience.

In the UAE, if you want to sail the waters on your own, you need to have an RYA certificate or another document recognized by the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA). Non-UAE issued boating licenses must be verified by contacting the DMCA office. There you will receive a certificate of conformity, which will be valid for one month from the date of issue.

Please note that you will need a boating license to rent a boat without a crew.
Photo Yachts

Important to know: any vessel leaving a UAE port must first obtain permission from the Coast Guard and request permission to stay in the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates. Such permission can be obtained at any of the official marinas.

The application for a permit is filled in by the captain of the vessel and must contain

  • List of passengers
  • Date and time of departure and return
  • The name of the owner of the vessel (boat, boat) and the captain
  • A copy of the vessel's registration document.

You can make your own itinerary and see all the most interesting things. Or just relax on the water.

We recommend walking along the narrow channel of Dubai Creek overlooking the Persian Gulf. It is interesting for its contrast: small wooden boats of local fishermen scurry back and forth between chic modern yachts. In addition, it offers a view of most of the city's attractions.

If you want a long voyage, you can walk along the coast of the bay and look into the neighboring emirates, for example, in Abu Dhabi. Or rounding Dubai, go to the Gulf of Oman and reach Muscat - the capital of Oman. Here you can visit the Old Palace, striking splendor and admire the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos. The National Museum of Oman also deserves attention.

In a word, whatever your choice of way to organize your vacation, a yacht trip in the waters of Dubai will definitely leave wonderful memories.

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