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Ferris wheel "Eye of Dubai» (Ain Dubai)

Attention: The Ain Dubai Ferris wheel is not operational at the moment. Since March 2022, the attraction has been closed for maintenance, which is still ongoing. The organizers have yet to announce an exact opening date. If you want to admire the emirate from above, we recommend viewing platforms on the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa. The main observation deck is located on the 124th floor - 452 meters above the ground. But you can take a separate ticket to the 148th floor - the highest open observation deck in the world at an altitude of 555 meters.


Ain Dubai is one of the greatest masterpieces of Arab construction. The eye is considered the largest ferris wheel on the planet. Until 2021, the Las Vegas Ferris wheel held the palm with a height of 167 meters.

The attraction is gigantic, it shakes the imagination of tourists from all over the world, and its visit should definitely be included in the trip plan.

General information

Ferris wheel Eye of Dubai.

The height from the base of the wheel to the top point is 250 meters. The approximate viewing radius from such a height reaches about 50 kilometers, and the wheel makes a complete revolution in 38 minutes. During this time, you can admire the panoramas of Dubai and the sparkling waters of the Persian Gulf. The Eye of Dubai can accommodate 1,400 people at the same time, and all booths (there are 48 of them) are protected from the blinding sun.

Project history

Ferris wheel Eye of Dubai.

The Dubai Eye is built on another man-made masterpiece, Bluewater, an artificial man-made island near Dubai Marina. Both of these objects were developed in a complex. The "house" of the tallest Ferris wheel was supposed to increase the length of the coastline and the length of the beaches with adjacent buildings.

The project was approved by the UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and presented on February 13, 2013.

Construction was supposed to start in April 2013, but actually began only at the end of May. For five years, the builders built and ennobled the island, and in November 2018 it was opened.

Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters Island

The estimated cost of the project and improvement of the island was $1.6 billion. Only 272 million of this amount was spent on the construction site! But the costs are justified, according to forecasts, Ain Dubai will attract millions of tourists to the island of blue waters every year.

An entertainment area and a private beach are organized not far from the wheel. In the future, the construction of a cable car is planned. From the "mainland" you can get to the island by two bridges - a car with a monorail and a pedestrian bridge 265 meters long. It is possible to park on the site in 4500 places.

Entertainment and activities on the island

Ferris wheel Eye of Dubai.

Bluewater may become Dubai's premier entertainment hub in the future. The island was specially designed so that, if desired, it could not be left at all. Here is an elite area (10 apartment buildings), where the most "budget" apartments start from 40 million rubles. The hotel complex is also present - in the form of two five-star hotels. For residents and tourists, the builders have provided a shopping area, which includes about 200 outlets.

By the way, the government plans to open a traditional oriental bazaar here, although the Dubai Marina Mall is located just half a kilometer from the resort.


You can relax and eat on Bluewaters Island almost anywhere - there are dozens of restaurants. Here are just a few:

  • The TOP spot is Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, serving the chef's legendary Hell's Kitchen dishes, including Wellington beef and toffee pudding.
  • Zhen Wei —  authentic pan-Asian flavor.
  • Un Dimanche à Paris — a cafe with the most delicate French pastries.
  • Selfish Bull — for those who love meat and fresh seafood.
  • Roman Lounge — for those who want to treat themselves to spicy.


The center of the island will please with a variety of shops - there are 164 of them. In addition to clothing and food, there are more interesting goods:

  • Souvenirs can be found at Discover Dubai: cups, caps and t-shirts.
  • Commemorative gifts for friends and stationery are available at the Typo store.
  • Collectibles such as posters and posters, as well as comics and figurines, can be found in The Little Things.
  • Jewelry and leather accessories, watches are offered by the Italian brand Graziella Braccialini.

Wheel construction

The government announced the construction of the Dubai Eye in 2013, and in May 2015, work began.

Construction stages

It is interesting that for the foundation of such a giant, specialists had to strengthen the seabed under the island with piles.

Most of the work was completed after 4 years. The designers were going to coincide with the opening of the world's largest Ferris wheel for the World Expo 2020, but due to the coronavirus, it had to be postponed.

11,200 tons of steel were used to build this structure. But to create the Eiffel Tower, it took 33% less metal.

The construction process was also marked by record numbers: 2 of the largest cranes in the world with a height of 180 meters. With their help, the colossal part of the Ferris wheel was assembled.

The wheel officially received its first visitors on October 21, 2021.

Decorative element

Specifications and records

  • An 80-story skyscraper - perhaps only with a building of this size can the Dubai Eye be compared. So, the attraction is higher than the tower "Evolution in Moscow City" (246 m).
  • The mass of the attraction is 7.5 thousand tons, that is, it weighs like forty blue whales, the largest mammals on the planet.
  • The football field is not even the full length of each spoke in the Dubai Eye wheel. By the way, such a spoke weighs about 5 tons.
  • 2400 km - the total length of all wires and cables inside the spokes. If you tie them together, such a cord can be stretched between Dubai and Cairo.
  • The weight of the wheel rim is equal to the weight of 16 Airbus A380s, the world's largest passenger aircraft.
Ferris wheel Eye of Dubai.


As we indicated above, the wheel has 48 booths. According to the organizers, each cabin is comparable in size to two double-decker buses connected side by side.

Cabins of Ferris wheel Eye of Dubai.

Description of booths

All capsules are equipped with air conditioning, wi-fi and benches for relaxation. The booth area is 30 sq. m., they can accommodate up to 40 guests. You can move around and take photos freely.

Capsules are divided into three types:

  • "Overview" cabins for standard trips.
  • "Social" cabins with sofas and mini-bar.
  • VIP cabins that are rented for celebrations, business negotiations, dinners, etc.

If you want privacy, the attraction has the opportunity to book an entire booth for your group.

Service formats:

  • themed lunch: pizza, non-alcoholic cocktails and fruits, snacks and wine. You can turn on karaoke.
  • solemn event: birthdays, marriage proposals, wedding reception.
  • meetings and corporate lunches.

Such a rental will cost much more than regular tickets - from 109,000 to 400,000 rubles for 8-10 people.

So, karaoke costs about 119,000 rubles. (up to 10 people, one turn of the wheel), and a wedding - from 153,000 rubles.

Only on the official website of Ain Dubai you can issue and book such a service.

Opening hours and ticket prices

Please note: from March 2022, the wheel is closed for repairs.

Ain Dubai's opening hours vary depending on the day of the week and national holidays in the UAE. Therefore, it is best to book tickets online. This way you will see which days and hours are available.

Opening hours

Prior to being shut down for maintenance, the Dubai Eye operated from Wednesday to Monday, from 13:00 to 21:00

Ticket prices

  • 13:00-15:00 and 20:00-21:00 - adult pass will cost 130 dirhams. Children at the same time 100 dirhams.
  • 16:00 and 18:00-19:00 - adult ticket 180 dirhams, children 150 dirhams.
  • 17:00 - adult ticket 250 dirhams, children 150 dirhams.

Views from the ferris wheel

The colossal height of this landmark of Dubai will give you an excellent overview of the surroundings. In all its splendor, the Persian Gulf and the beaches of the emirate will appear.

  • Burj Al Arab is the famous sail hotel, the only and most expensive on the planet.
  • Palm Jumeirah is another man-made artificial island in the form of a palm tree.
  • The Dubai Marina area, with its shining skyscrapers on the banks of the canal, is especially beautiful in the rays of sunset.

How to get to the Dubai Eye

Visitors can choose a convenient way to get to the attraction.

Public transport

You can take the metro to the DMCC station, get off by tram at the Jumeirah Beach Residence 2 stop, or take the bus at the Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 2 stop and then walk about 3 kilometers.

Parking and taxi

One of the best ways to get to the Ferris wheel, but also the most expensive. You can take a taxi near any shopping center, metro station or near large parking lots.

Decorative element

Other interesting places in Dubai

Ferris wheel tours in Dubai are not offered, this is an independent entertainment. But there are programs where you can look at Ain Dubai from the outside or just appreciate the sights nearby.

Madame Tussauds museum

Bluewaters hosts not only a Ferris wheel, but also Madame Tussauds. There are 60 wax figures of world celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Chan or Vin Diesel.

A ticket to the museum costs from 36 euros.

Dubai Marina area

Blue Water Island is connected to Dubai Marina by a footbridge. You can walk along it or walk along The Walk beach, walk along the artificial canal among the skyscrapers or book a cruise on Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina area

The TIRENA BOATS team offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the views of the Dubai Eye from the deck of a comfortable yacht. The company organizes a cruise from Dubai Marina, a romantic sunset walk or a group tour.

You can take photos with the Arabian Gulf in the background and dine with views of the Dubai Eye and scenic coastline.

The team also provides transfer from the hotel to the marina and back, and delivery of your favorite cuisine to the yacht.

Important information

The article is for informational purposes only. The Tirena Boats company deals only with renting yachts and organizing events on them.

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