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Complete Guide to the XLine Zipline at Dubai Marina

Offers for outdoor activities in the United Arab Emirates are for every taste: from hiking and buggy riding to hot air ballooning and diving. If you want to feel “sharper”, then zip-lining will be a great entertainment in Dubai. Zipline XLine Dubai Marina is called one of the fastest, steepest and longest in the UAE. What it is? This is a quick descent from a skyscraper along a cable on a fastening system. Similar to trolls, but faster.
xLine in Dubai

Overview of the XLine zipline in Dubai

XLine is a cable car that stretches from the roof of a skyscraper to the ground above the city. Zipline was opened in Dubai in 2017 and immediately gained immense popularity among extreme tourists.

The organizers call this attraction the longest in the world in an urban environment. The flight lasts approximately two minutes. This is not as small as it might seem at first glance. During this time, you will not only get an adrenaline rush, but you will also be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the most beautiful area of Dubai - Dubai Marina from a bird's eye view.

the XLine zipline.

The start takes place from the Amvazh tower. You will fly past the famous skyscrapers Princess Tower and Kayan Tower, admire the Palm Jumeirah and the coastal strip with snow-white yachts. Finish at the Dubai Marina Mall.

Why you should take a zipline ride in Dubai Marina

  1. Nothing like the feeling of free flight. The Dubai zipline has a special structure - a person does not sit, as on most ziplines, but is positioned head first in the Superman position and lying on his stomach on a special shield that is securely attached to the cable car. Because of this, the feeling of weightlessness and "superhero" flight is brighter.
  2. The pleasure of extreme entertainment can also be enjoyed by two, because XLine has two parallel tracks.
  3. An unusual view. of many famous skyscrapers, the waterfront and the landscaped "pearls of Dubai" from above. Moreover, the city is beautiful at any time of the day.
  4. Saved memories - the instructors of the attraction give each guest a helmet with a go pro camera and then give a recording. It will be sent to you by e-mail with a link within the next two days.

Height, length and flight speed

The launch pad of the zipline, from which visitors take off, is located 170 meters from the ground. The speed that the extreme can develop depends on the section of the path. Approximately in the first third of the distance you can accelerate to 80 km/h.

the XLine zipline.

The flight duration is about 108 seconds. On the XLine website, the time is 90 minutes, but this is an approximate period from the moment of registration and verification of documents to landing.

The longest zipline in the world

The length of the XLine track is 1 km. As we stated above, this is the longest zip line in the city, but it is also one of the steepest and fastest cable routes in the UAE. Its slope is 16 degrees. And although the numbers are impressive, the attraction is completely safe.

Important information about XLine Dubai Marina Zipline

Before trying this extreme entertainment, you should find out what restrictions exist for visitors, how scary it is, and how the attraction is checked for safety (spoiler: very carefully).

Zipline restrictions

Not everyone will be able to make a downhill ride - the attraction has certain requirements for visitors:

  • age — from 12 to 65 years. Under 18 years of age, written permission from parents or guardians is required
  • weight — from 45 to 100 kilograms.
  • height — from 130 centimeters.
  • attire — in a skirt and dress, they will not be allowed to ski, as well as in open shoes, or in shoes that can fall off (slip-flops, mules, sandals). Hair must be collected, jewelry removed.
  • health — they will not let pregnant women, drunk people, or those who feel unwell.

How safe is the attraction?

A whole team of highly skilled workers is engaged in the maintenance of the attraction. Technicians check the XLine track daily. Maintenance and replacement of all parts are also on schedule, just like on airplanes. Since this is a world-class attraction, safety is paramount here.

Before descending, everyone is weighed and a protective helmet and safety belts are selected.

Experienced instructors will explain in detail the rules of conduct during the flight and answer all your questions.

It is worth clarifying again - you cannot take mobile phones and cameras with you to take pictures during the flight. To do this, action cameras are built into the helmets, and the recording will be sent to you upon request.

the XLine zipline.

Is it scary to ride?

How scary it will be to descend at high speed from a skyscraper depends on the individual. If you feel unwell at a height or panic when climbing to the upper floors, then you are unlikely to get pleasure from the XLine. That's why it's an attraction for extreme people. But thrill-seekers will surely be delighted with the whistle of the wind and magnificent views of the rapidly approaching Dubai Marina.

Would you like to try it, but still a little afraid? In this case, experienced people advise not to look down and not to approach the railing of the launch pad. You can view the horizon, rooftops, instructors, don't look down. So paralyzing fear will not appear in the subconscious, and the person will understand that everything is fine and he came here to get impressions and a dose of adrenaline.

Decorative element Decorative element

Visit planning

Visiting the Dubai zipline in passing will not work. Since the attraction is very popular, you should think about buying a ticket on the site in advance, because there may not be empty seats.

Price and opening hours of the zipline in Dubai in 2023

This pleasure is expensive even by the standards of the UAE, but if you decide to go on an adventure with a friend or soulmate, you can save money. As we pointed out above, the zipline has two lines, that is, two people descend at the same time.


650 dirhams - this is how much a ticket for one adult will cost, a child ticket will cost 499 dirhams. The price is fixed. So this entertainment will have to allocate about $ 177 from the budget. For a double ticket, i.e. for those who want to go together at once, the price is slightly lower - 1,200 dirhams.

When the ticket is booked, a confirmation email from the XLine team will be sent to your email. On the appointed day, you will need to show it along with your passport at the check-in desk at the Dubai Marina Mall. As well as your data on the card on which the ticket was purchased.

Terms of return and cancellation

Cancellation is not possible.

You can reschedule your booking no later than 48 hours before the start.

You cannot resell the ticket - so it will become invalid. It can be transferred to someone, but during registration you will need your documents, documents of the person who will go on the zipline instead of you, as well as a confirmation letter.

Working mode

The zipline schedule may change depending on the season, weather conditions and public holidays of the UAE - this is additionally reported on the XLine website and in the official accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

Opening hours

The attraction meets guests five days a week, except Tuesday and Sunday. Arrivals start from 10:00 to 17:20. There is a 20 minute break between rides.

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Location and how to get there

The XLine team does not provide a transfer to their office, so you will have to get to the check-in place on your own. Direct bus services to Dubai Marina do not run from all areas of the city.


The XLine office is located in the Dubai Marina Mall. You can find the company's stand at level P, you need to go there to register for the attraction and pass the mandatory briefing. From there, you will be escorted directly to the start.

Address of Dubai Marina Mall: Al Marsa Street, 70.

Dubai Marina Mall.

How to get there

  1. Option 1. Metro: Red Line, Dubai Marina Mall and Jumeirah Lake Towers (the latter is about 700 meters from the mall).
  2. Option 2. By bus: bus number JLT1. Get off at the Dubai Marina stop.
  3. Option 3. By taxi: the easiest and fastest, but also the most expensive. The price depends on the distance.
  4. Option 4. Rent a car: car rental aggregators like Uber will help with this. The parking lot of the shopping center is huge, so it will not be difficult to park the car.
Dubai Marina

Excursions and activities in the Dubai Marina area

Zipline in Dubai is a bright adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime. But it does not last long, so it is good to devote the remaining time to a walk around the Dubai Marina area.

Dubai Marina.


Local travel agencies organize many different car and walking tours, there are walks on traditional boats along the canal. In turn, the TIRENA BOATS company offers to enjoy the views of the area and one of the largest marinas in the world from the board of a personal yacht. No strangers on the excursion - the yacht and the crew work only for you and your companions.

Yacht charter in Dubai Marina

Dozens of boat, yacht and boat rental companies operate in Dubai. You can get acquainted with them on the Internet and directly in the marina. Among them, the TIRENA BOATS team stands out for its high-class service and careful treatment of guests. In addition to yachts, the company offers many services designed to maximize the level of comfort for customers.

You can book a yacht for a few hours to see the sights and make it to port.

Preparing for a trip on the XLine zipline

So you've decided to take a zipline ride. Let's summarize the main points of preparation for the trip:

What's included

  • Safety briefing
  • Flight
  • Photos and videos that will be sent to your email within 24-48 hours after the flight

What to bring

  • Identity document (passport or Emirates ID)
  • Confirmation email
  • Hair clips and hair ties if you have long hair

Not allowed

  • People under 130 cm, weighing less than 45 and more than 100 kg, under 12 and over 65 years of age.
  • Women bearing a child; drunk or under the influence of drugs, visitors with injuries, as well as with problems of the cardiovascular system.

Important information

The article is for informational purposes only. The Tirena Boats company deals only with renting yachts and organizing events on them.

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