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Ideas for organizing great leisure time in the UAE

Futuristic architecture, unusually shaped artificial islands, city-sized malls, white sands and rich history. All this is the United Arab Emirates. We offer 20 ideas for holidays in the Emirates. For those who will go to the UAE for the first time, and those who have been there more than once.

Architectural marvels

Must-see when visiting the UAE masterpieces of Arab construction. Each of them has the title of "most-most".

Skyscraper Burj Khalifa

Skyscraper Burj Khalifa.

Resembling a rocket, this tower reaches a height of 828 meters. This is the tallest building on the planet. The main observation deck is located on the 124th floor - 452 meters above the ground. But you can take a separate ticket to the 148th floor - the highest open observation deck in the world at an altitude of 555 meters.

Burj Al Arab hotel

Burj Al Arab hotel.

The world's only 7* Burj Al Arab hotel. The hotel was built in the form of a dhow sail, an Arab ship, which is why it is often called "Sail". It is considered one of the most expensive hotels. The price per night in a standard room ranges from 1 thousand. up to 15 thousand dollars.

Dubai Eye

Dubai Eye.

The tallest Ferris wheel in the world is the Dubai Eye. The height from the base to the top point is 250 meters. The wheel makes a complete revolution in 38 minutes, during which time you can admire the panoramas of Dubai.

Archipelago of bulk islands "Palm Islands"

Archipelago of bulk islands Palm Islands.

The archipelago consists of three large islands that have the shape of a palm tree: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jabal Ali and Palm Deira. Together they increase Dubai's coastline by 520 km.

The Palm Jumeirah is the largest artificial island on the planet, home to many fantastic skyscrapers and luxurious villas, as well as shopping and entertainment centers.

Dubai Venice

Dubai Venice.

Complex Madinat Jumeirah or Dubai Venice. This is the largest and most atmospheric resort in Dubai. During the construction of the complex, the architects were guided by the methods and forms of ancient Arab buildings. You can move along it along the picturesque canals on traditional Arab abra boats.

water activities

Recreation on the water

The United Arab Emirates offers a wide range of nautical-themed programs. These are all kinds of excursions, floating restaurants, themed evenings on the water and, of course, yacht trips.

  1. Rent a yacht and sail along Dubai's most scenic coastline from Dubai Marina to Palm Jumeirah. You can take a walk on VIP yachts, go on a cruise tour.
  2. Visit Aquaventure Water Park. Here you can go on an underwater safari with sharks and feed stingrays, slide down a 116-meter long waterslide at a speed of 60 km/h and jump from a height of the ninth floor into a reservoir with sharks and stingrays.
  3. Go fishing on the high seas. The TIRENA BOATS team will organize you a relaxing holiday with spinning on the water surface.
  4. Not only the sea - ride a boat or kayak on a mountain lake on a dam near the Hatta settlement. Clear turquoise water and mountain landscapes will leave a great impression.
  5. Embark on an underwater odyssey in the world's deepest diving pool, Deep Dive Dubai. Its depth is more than 60 meters, and at the bottom there is a real sunken city. The complex conducts freediving and scuba diving classes all year round for visitors aged 10 and over of any skill level.
For walking

Where to walk

Fans of long walks will also not be left out. The United Arab Emirates offer a variety of entertainment, which even the hot climate is not a hindrance.

Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam.

Come to the Hatta Dam to enjoy the panorama of the mountains. Here you can drive a car along the lake, rent a boat and go on a boat trip.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium.

Stroll through the glass tunnel of the Dubai Aquarium while watching the fish and rays overhead.



Head to the Satwa area, a pedestrian zone in the center of Dubai where the government guarded old small buildings. It is worth coming here for the sake of clothing stores and ethnic restaurants of Yemeni, Pakistani and Indian cuisine.

Kite Beach

Kite Beach.

Enjoy colorful kites against turquoise waters at Kite Beach.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi.

Explore the capital of the UAE - Abu Dhabi. You can see examples of ancient architecture, such as the Al Husn Fort, or the largest Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the Emirates. Entrance to the Zayed Mosque and tours are free.

Ras Al Khor Flamingo Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Flamingo Sanctuary.

Visit Ras Al Khor Flamingo Sanctuary. Along its perimeter there are three free shelters for observing these birds.


Oriental shopping

To hone the art of bargaining and admire the goods, as if brought from Ali Baba's cave - shopping lovers in the UAE have a place to roam.

  1. Visit the Gold Market. Even if you are indifferent to decorations, you will definitely enjoy the atmosphere of the Arabian bazaar like from fairy tales. It is the oldest market in the emirate and has been selling gold jewelry for decades. It consists of narrow streets crowded with ordinary shops, famous workshops and branded boutiques.
  2. A must-have for all tourists is the Dubai Mall shopping and entertainment center, where there are more than 1000 shops and elite brand boutiques, restaurants, and in addition - attractions, the largest indoor aquarium and an Olympic-sized ice rink.
  3. For gourmets, we recommend visiting the spice market in Dubai. Both housewives and eminent chefs are bought here. On the market you can find quality saffron, which is considered one of the most expensive spices, and almost any exotic spice from all over the world.
  4. From the beginning of spring to autumn, large-scale shopping festivals are held in the emirates. The Abu Dhabi Spring Shopping Festival in Abu Dhabi starts at the end of March and lasts a whole month, Sharjah traditionally hosts the Ramadan Shopping Festival in Ramadan, and Dubai hosts guests at the Dubai Summer Surprises festival all summer long. The main goal of such trade holidays is to attract as many foreign tourists as possible in the summer, and the lure is an incredible drop in prices, from 25 to 75%.

Important information

The article is for informational purposes only. The Tirena Boats company deals only with renting yachts and organizing events on them.

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