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Wedding on a yacht

A snow-white yacht, blue waters and warm sun - what could be more romantic than a boat trip combined with a wedding ceremony!

Wedding on a yacht: the perfect solution for your holiday

Now you can’t surprise anyone with a country wedding ceremony and dinner at a restaurant. To move away from stereotypes and organize a wedding that will not be like any other, the TIRENA BOATS team will help you.
  • A trip on a luxury yacht in the Persian Gulf will be remembered by the newlyweds and all guests without exception
  • You can enjoy the holiday, make noise and dance even until the morning
  • only you and your guests will be on board, no corporate parties and birthdays in the neighborhood
  • You can choose any tourist route or create your own
  • We can choose entertainment for both extreme lovers and those who prefer to soak up the sun
  • Our employees will take care of the banquet menu, musical accompaniment and other organizational issues
Yacht decoration
Celebration atmosphere

We will decorate the deck and the interior of the yacht with fresh flowers, ribbons, balloons.


We will meet you and your guests and deliver to the pier.

Transfer from hotel to yacht
DJ on a yacht

We will prepare a musical program on your choice and we will maintain a good mood throughout the holiday.


We will prepare a large selection of menus, several seating options, and also provide waiters to serve the event.

Catering on a yacht

Why a yacht?

Traveling on a yacht, you can enjoy the sights and luxurious architecture of modern Dubai. Lights of the city at night, majestic skyscrapers, landscapes of the Persian Gulf - all this will open for you in a delightful panorama. Is it worth talking about what photos the newlyweds will remember?
Another equally important advantage of a wedding on a yacht is privacy. You will spend this day in a narrow circle of close people. From the moment you arrive on the yacht until the very end of the celebration, you and your guests will not meet anyone else!
A wedding on a yacht is very symbolic! A young family is often compared to a ship sailing on the sea of ​​life, which will have to go through both calm and storms together.

Сeremony and banquet

On the yacht you can organize a full-fledged ceremony. Just imagine: the bride's snow-white dress flutters in the wind, the setting rays of the sun are reflected on the water surface, the face is washed over by a soft breeze, and the sound of the waves relaxes and soothes. This moment will be remembered by the newlyweds for the rest of their lives, and the guests will surely want the same wedding for themselves!
A festive banquet on deck is a great alternative to gatherings in a restaurant. You can enjoy your favorite dishes in the middle of the Persian Gulf, overlooking the luxurious skyscrapers of Dubai, what could be better?

Yachts from TIRENA BOATS

Our company is ready to make your dreams come true. To do this, we have modern snow-white yachts with designer repairs, an experienced professional and a lot of creativity!

Our guests

Each of our guests is special to us, and we are always ready to provide an individual approach to each client, including celebrities who have chosen us for their unforgettable sea trip.

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Beneficial discount system
Majesty 75ft Ruby
  • 2-4 hours AED 1300 / hour
  • 5-7 hours AED 1196 / hour
  • 8-11 hours AED 1066 / hour
Majesty 88ft Emerald
  • 2-4 hours AED 1500 / hour
  • 5-7 hours AED 1380 / hour
  • 8-11 hours AED 1110 / hour
Majesty 101ft Black Diamond
  • 2-4 hours AED 2500 / hour
  • 5-7 hours AED 2300 / hour
  • 8-11 hours AED 2050 / hour