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Party on a yacht

Our offer is suitable for those who are used to relaxing in comfort and getting the most for their money. TIRENA BOATS will arrange a grand celebration on board the yacht. You just have to invite guests and enjoy your vacation!

A party on a yacht - something you won't forget

A holiday is coming up, but you still haven't decided how to celebrate it on an unforgettable scale? TIRENA BOATS will fulfill your every whim!
  • We will help you to choose a yacht for the party.
  • We will listen and translate into reality any requirements regarding decor and decoration.
  • We will provide the most qualified personnel and crew.
  • We will prepare dishes of any cuisine.
  • We will be in touch with you at any time of the day or night.
Party on a yacht
No neighbors, uninvited guests and unnecessary noise

You can share the holiday only with the closest people.

No cramped or stuffy rooms

What could be better than a fresh sea breeze and unforgettable landscapes of the Persian Gulf?

Party on a yacht
Photoshoot on a yacht
Photos from your party will not leave anyone indifferent

A lot of ideas and scenes for shooting can be realized on board the yacht.

The yachts are equipped with everything necessary for a good rest

A music system, a kitchen, a bar, places to relax.

Party on a yacht

Best service

Contact TIRENA BOATS to organize the best party!
Additionally, we can offer a transfer to the yacht in premium cars, accompanied by a professional driver. To make your party really bright and memorable, we have prepared water activities for every taste - the yacht has fishing equipment, water slides and mattresses, diving equipment and much more.
Surely, you and your guests will get hungry, enjoying the fresh sea air. No problem! Let us know in advance about your taste preferences, as well as the number of guests, so that we can prepare a menu.

Conditions and cost of rent

TIRENA BOATS is the direct owner of the yachts, so it can offer better terms than other companies. The rental price depends on the size of the yacht, passenger capacity, a set of additional services and the duration of the rental. Soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite), water, ice, towels are provided free of charge.
You can choose one of our yachts - Majesty 101ft, Majesty 88ft, Majesty 75ft. Regardless of which model you choose, your stay will be as comfortable as possible. Each of the presented yachts is equipped with everything you need: comfortable cabins with bathrooms, a spacious living room, an open area, a kitchen, a music system and TV.
The rental price is from 1300 to 2500 AED per hour.

Our guests

Each of our guests is special to us, and we are always ready to provide an individual approach to each client, including celebrities who have chosen us for their unforgettable sea trip.

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All guests
Beneficial discount system
Majesty 75ft Ruby
  • 2-4 hours AED 1300 / hour
  • 5-7 hours AED 1196 / hour
  • 8-11 hours AED 1066 / hour
Majesty 88ft Emerald
  • 2-4 hours AED 1500 / hour
  • 5-7 hours AED 1380 / hour
  • 8-11 hours AED 1110 / hour
Majesty 101ft Black Diamond
  • 2-4 hours AED 2500 / hour
  • 5-7 hours AED 2300 / hour
  • 8-11 hours AED 2050 / hour