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Al Asayel St. Tamani Arts Building 24857 Dubai

Water activities

Do you want to have fun? We have prepared jet skis, flyboard, wakesurfing and other water activities for you

Active leisure

Add to your vacation on a yacht, water activities. After an exciting sea trip, the yacht will enter the lagoon, giving you the opportunity to break away for real!
There will be everything you need for a comfortable stay:
  • Jet skis
  • Inflatable buns
  • Vests and wetsuits
  • Flyboard
  • Wakesurfing board


You want to live the brightest and most memorable moments of your vacation again and again, photos will help you with this.


A delicious lunch or dinner will be the perfect end to a busy day. We will arrange delivery and spectacular serving of your favorite dishes directly on board.


We will meet you at the hotel and deliver you to the yacht with maximum comfort.

Easy, simple and incredibly fun

Get unforgettable pleasure while balancing on a "flying board" or jumping over the waves on a jet ski.

Entertainment for everyone

Make your holiday unforgettable. Fans of extreme sports and speed will appreciate our modern jet skis, get a boost of drive and unforgettable emotions.
Try to ride on the "flying board" (flyboard)! An amazing invention will lift you to a height of up to 10 meters above the surface of the water. For those who are not afraid of heights, a real storm of emotions awaits.
For lovers of the waves we can offer wakesurfing. Unlike classic surfing, it is not the ocean that creates the wave, but the yacht that rides ahead.
A lot of fun will be given by inflatable cheesecakes that are tied to a boat or scooter. Thanks to steep turns, extreme sensations are guaranteed.

Combine luxury yachting and water activities

Diversify your vacation on a yacht with extreme sports. Get drive and adrenaline from water activities. In between, enjoy some rest, eat fruit, freshly cooked fish or meat! Relax and don't deny yourself anything.

VIP class yachts

Embark on an exciting journey on a luxury motor yacht. The TIRENA BOATS team will help you choose a yacht of the required capacity, draw up a travel itinerary and an entertainment program. You can visit the most amazing places in Dubai while enjoying comfort and luxury.

Our main goal is to make your trip enjoyable